NFC EMV Explorer, Privacy Policy


App – Android application NFC EMV Explorer – the property of Lifecycle Integrity Inc.

We (Our) – Collectively Lifecycle Integrity Inc., the owner of The App, and Eugene Lishak, the author of the App.

You (Your) – the Android user intending to install and use the App or already using the App.

Card – a payment card with contactless capabilities implementing ISO 14443-4 for communicating with a reading device in compliance with EMV standard. The Card may have different form factors, such as a plastic card, a virtual card in form of software application within Apple Pay or Google Pay wallets, etc.

Card Data – the data that the App retrieves from the Card using ISO 14443-4 interface and EMV standard. The App does not use any other ways to read the data from the Card.

Card Issuer – the organization issued the Card.  

Cardholder – a person holding and using the Card, as per an agreement between the person and the Issuer.

Policy – this Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Conditions

  1. By installing and using the App you accept all conditions of the Policy.
  2. You must not use the App to read Card Data without the Cardholder’s knowledge and consent.
  3. The App places the Card Data to the device clipboard. Further usage of this data is solely Your responsibility. You must not store or use the Card Data without the Cardholder’s knowledge and consent.
  4. If you paste the Card Data from the clipboard to an app of your choice (e. g. to email it or to store it on your device) or if you store or distribute the App screenshots in similar ways, We are not responsible if the app of your choice uses the Card Data or screenshots of Card Data without Your or Cardholder consent. It is Your responsibility to use trusted applications for the Card Data storage and distribution, to prevent Cardholder’s privacy violation
  5. The App reads the Card Data that the Card Issuer choses to disclose. The Card Data content is subject to personal information protection regulations and PCI DSS standard. The Issuer is obliged to follow these regulations. According to these regulations, the Card Data is not supposed to contain private and sensitive personal information. This is the responsibility of the Card Issuer and You agree that We are not responsible for the Card Data content. If You find that the Card Data content is in violation of the local laws or PCI DSS, you may resolve the issue with the Card Issuer or regulatory entities regulating the card issuing operations.
  6. The App does not store, upload, or in any way distribute the Card Data that the App reads. We state this because we rely on the Android operating system and the fact that the App does not require Android permissions necessary for data storage and distribution. If You directly or indirectly find a way to hack the App or Android operating system to store or distribute Card Data without the Cardholder consent then. this would constitute the violation of the Policy by You.