Is NFC Contactless Card Safe?

Is NFC Contactless Card Safe?

EMV® contactless cards are designed in such a way that it is unfeasible to use your contactless card data to commit fraudulent transactions or identity fraud. From this standpoint, it may be too much of precaution, to place your card in a box, screening electromagnetic fields

Some people may sill wish to screen their cards from electromagnetic fields because some reckless hackers, trying to read the card data, may burn the card contactless receiving equipment by using too strong electromagnetic field for too long. This case is very rare and it is technically hard to commit such an ugliness.

See technology-specific details are provided here: How To Read Visa Credit Card NFC Data?

Losing you card is more dangerous. It may be used to steal your funds up to the cumulative contactless limits. In some cases, it may be your responsibility, not the responsibility of the financial institution issued your cards, for the stolen funds. You need to read your card issuer agreement to find out these conditions and the contactless limit values.

“Hiding your cards” inside Apple Pay or Google Pay wallets is more secure if you lock your smartphone with password (refer to the security settings instructions of your smartphone).

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